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As above, not so below

A close-up of a sundial surrounded by low greenery, showing a time of about 12:30.

Garden sundial MN 2007” by SEWilco is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

I’ve never been too fussed about always going clockwise in Circle, and the Silver Spiral tradition doesn’t have it as a requirement. We sometimes forget to tell guests and start off watching them awkwardly spin three-quarters clockwise instead of one quarter counter-clockwise until they realize that we don’t bother. Up to them, though; if deosil is their preference, they can have at it.


It’s all a matter of view and perspective: Rise to the sun and the moon, and gaze down with Them on our rites, we seem to move clockwise. Sink down in to the earth below our feet and look up with Her, and we seem to move counter-clockwise. Every deosil contains widdershins, and each widdershins contains deosil.


Pull back away from our sun, and see the planets spiral through space. If they left trails, they’d be like be like the double helix of DNA. Our little sacred Circles on the earth spiral through space with Her.

A computer generated image of a double helix DNA strand: dark blue on a lighter blue background.

DNA Double Helix” by cookiepx2016 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0


Clockwise or counter-clockwise, circles or spirals; it’s all a matter of perspective.



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