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Calling your own out

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Here in the middle, we have slippery and eclectic religious beliefs. We are neither clearly polytheists nor definitively humanists but a little of each and a bit of some other things too, bringing together beliefs that seem to contradict each other and living in a liminal spiritual space. We seek to become comfortable with uncertainty, or maybe to be content to be uncomfortable in our uncertainty.


Here in the middle, we have the opportunity to see a lot of Paganism’s debates from both the inside and the outside. We can often see both sides of an issue, but it is rarely a good idea to weigh in. The problem with being in the middle is all sides are likely to disavow you.


All of that is the say that I very much appreciate when I see Pagans who are firmly part of one camp or another calling their own out* when they think it is needed. Criticism – even well thought out and kind criticism – from outside tends to be met with defensiveness, while critiques from within can lead to real discussions and transformations.


Here in the middle, we need to be honest with ourselves too. Having some objectivity on other “Paganisms” does not make us immune to having blind spots and problematic behaviours all our own.


But that’s a big topic for another day. For now, let’s just say that we need keep ourselves honest.


* And I am glad to see it in other faiths too, though it is less my business than the various Pagan debates.

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