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We're only going to get browner and queerer and witchier and louder and stronger and prouder and watch the dinosaurs die out.

By Johnny / jblackchurch: https://www.instagram.com/jblackchurch/

I want to be witchier, but I’m not sure what that means. I do own a black pointy hat, but maybe it doesn’t count because it has a fuzzy pink brim.


Witches are outsiders. Witches are radical, transgressive, dangerous. And in this world, right now, that can’t be just dancing naked under the moonlight, putting bones and deconsecrated relics on an altar, and reading Aradia: Gospel of the Witches – even though that book does call for poisoning economic oppressors.


In this world, right now, to stand up for the environment, for science, for rights for everyone is to be an outsider. It is radical to support Syrian refugees. It is transgressive to fight trans-phobia. It is dangerous to be brown or queer – some of us have the privilege of forgetting that it has always been dangerous to be brown or queer – so the least those of us who aren’t can do is be dangerous enough to stand up if you witness harassment.


If you want to be witchier, then make plans to save yourself if you need to, practice and prepare to stand up to bigotry, set up a solidarity network, and fight like hell. Maybe consider some trickster work to make sure politics in your area can’t include racism, xenophobia, intolerance. And if you want to do it in the forest, naked except for a pointy hat with a fuzzy pink brim… I’ll be there right with you.

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