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Know better; do better

Pile of crystals and semi-precious stones

Once you’ve concluded that the pretty crystals and semi-precious stones aren’t actually necessary to magic or to healing or to divination…

Or once you’ve heard about the environmental damage of some of the mining practices used in order to acquire something that is merely pretty…

Or once you’ve realized the social and labour abuses of the international gemstone market

Or once you’ve noticed what ugly politics your purchases are supporting

… what do you do with your collection of crystals and stones?
Returning them to the earth, though a romantic notion, doesn’t negate the harm already done.

Gifting them or selling them may replace stones that would be otherwise mined, but may also give them the appearance of acceptability.

Displaying them or using them in ritual means they won’t be wasted, but carries a certain burden of their history and may make them seem necessary.

Storing them seems wasteful.
When you know better, you do better, but what do you do with the results of your former ignorance?

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