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Paganism is silly

Dragonfly Sex Mosaic

Yup, it’s a mosaic of dragonflies having sex.

Paganism is silly. All religion is. That’s OK; sex is silly too, and most of us need that. Sex can be physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally fulfilling. So can religion. The process of getting to either orgasm or spiritual ecstasy is messy and weird, and few people look good in the the midst of either, so both are mostly private matters, best done in private (and wash your hands after).


So I think this goofy article about taking Paganism seriously is a waste of pixels. Paganism is inherently silly and should only be taken seriously for the same reason that we give respect to other religions: because they bring meaning and fulfillment to people and are no one else’s business. We don’t need to justify ourselves any more than any other religion has to.


Religion and sex are both private, but that doesn’t make them secret or shameful. As Cory Doctorow has said in another context: “Every one of us does something private and not secret when we go to the bathroom. Every one of us has parents who did at least one private thing that’s not a secret, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”


Being human means doing silly, messy, weird, and embarrassing things. Being a good human means respectfully letting others get on with their own silly, messy, weird, and embarrassing things in their own way.

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