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How being a priestess is like being a fitness instructor

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How being a priestess for a public ritual is like being a group fitness leader:


Some people will follow your lead, even to their own detriment… witness the person who never does cardio doing every burpee you do, even though they can’t breath anymore, or the person who will make a vow in circle they can’t keep, just to match what you have committed to. You are in a position of power.


You need to set good energy and keep it going. Your participants have a part in it too, but in circles and in the gym, the leader sets the tone. If you aren’t into it, they won’t be into it. And you are responsible to set the appropriate energy. Silly going into a serious ritual works just as well as draggy and grumpy going into a high energy cardio class. Start as you mean to go on.


You must be prepared to play the fool sometimes or to improvise wildly. Things will go wrong, and when they do, everyone in the room will be looking to you to fix it. Be prepared to come up with a solution on the fly and throw yourself into it, even if it makes you look silly.


Cuing well is crucial whether it is “4… 3… speed it up” or a gesture to show that everyone should turn in a certain direction and repeat “blessed be”. Master the art of cuing a crowd using words and gestures, and you’ll be both a great fitness leader and a great ritual leader.


In the end, it is about them, not about you. Whether in a fitness class or a public ritual, the goal is to serve the needs of as many of your participants as you can, even at the cost or your own workout or worship.

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