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Skeptical, not cynical

Sunrise over the ocean The flip side of the “so naive” story about believers is a story about non-believers: “so cynical”.


Exclamations of awe and wonder often refer to deity and divinity:

Oh my god!
Heavens above!
Praise god!
Thank god!


When we see beauty so great that we lose words…
When we receive a blessing so powerful that we can’t express our gratitude…
When we are struck with ecstatic realization…


… we use the language of the divine and the supernatural, having no other words big enough.


But not using the words, or not believing in what is supposed to be behind the words, doesn’t mean not feeling the awe and wonder. Being skeptical about whether or not there’s a creator doesn’t prevent your heart from beating faster when lightening forks across the sky, or when you spot a wild deer for a breathless moment before it bounds into the forest, or when watching the sun rise over the ocean. The hypnotizing beauty of a camp fire, the pull of a drum rhythm, and a video of the earth from space can move the spirit even of one who doubts the existence of a soul.

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