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So let’s quote some Pagans

As in many things, Steven Posch is right about Pagans not quoting Pagans. I’ve just spent a couple of rainy weekend hours Googling variations of “Pagan quotes”, looking at “Pagan quotes” on Pinterest, and checking out the FaceBook feeds of a variety of Pagan groups. I found quotes from Eastern philosophies, from First Nations people*, from Christian poets, from scientists and agnostics and atheists. Many of the quotes are good and many are applicable to Pagans, but few of them are by Pagans. The quotes that were by Pagans were often of the problematic “we’re not satanists” types**.


So, a challenge to my creative friends: let’s create and share memes using quotes from actual Pagan authors, philosophers, poets, musicians, thinkers, and artists. Photos you’ve taken yourself or Creative Commons pictures only, please, and please attribute all the quotes right on the picture – we don’t want the source lost as it gets shared. Here’s my first attempt:


"When we let go of believing we are superior, we open ourselves to the experience of living in the community of Nature." - Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Quote by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm from The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Photo by Mud and Magic.


I know starting Internet memes isn’t exactly the same as quoting Pagan during theology and philosophy discussions, but we have to start somewhere! Besides, I don’t want Steven to think his work is done any time soon.


* Or, at least, someone implied to be or represented as First Nations; see the “Pagan Meme Wall of Shame” for good examples.


** If you don’t know why they are a problem, check out HecateDemeter’s post on framing.

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