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What is the point?

Inspired by “What’s the Point of Witchcraft?” on the Keeping Her Keys blog.


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I don’t get easy comfort from my gods. The universe is unimaginably expansive and the stars are out of reach. The moon, the ocean, the mists, the mountains… they don’t placate, they don’t offer aid, and they don’t hear prayers. I don’t find answers in the stars or solutions in magic spells.


The point of my Paganism isn’t finding answers. The point of my Paganism is to be asking questions.


Where do we come from and why are we here?
Our very molecules were created in the heart of stars. What we are made out of, and everything we see, touch, and eat, has been around since the beginning of time. We are so beautifully part of everything; it is a mighty responsibility to figure out what that means.


What is a meaningful life?
We are simultaneously microscopic in relation to the universe and immense to those we love. Even the greatest, most famous, most powerful of us are humbled by the breadth, width, and depth of time and space. Even the most ordinary of us are made noble by our sacred origins. We can live in that paradox.


How can we best honour our own divinity?
We will eventually die and our bodies will return to the components from which we are made. So much before that is out of our control, and what happens after is a mystery, but we can try to honour our inner god/dess while we’re in our temporary, fragile bodies.


How can we best honour the divinity in others?
To know the god/dess in everyone is to know that we must create fairness, accessibility, and acceptance in our individual lives, in our sacred spaces, and in our whole world. This is sacred work.


What does it mean to be connected and to be in community?
“We are connected with the Earth ecologically, not just chemically. And we are connected with one another socially: as communal animals who need to belong and to feel loved and supported.” – Mark Green, Atheopaganism.


The point isn’t getting answers – there aren’t any. The point is to seek knowledge and deepen understanding. The point is to ask more questions.

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